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African Cichlids are the most colorful freshwater fish you can get. That is why here at Sandz Aquatics we specialize in all aspects of African Cichlids. We also carry many other items including driftwood and other various types of fish.

Whether you have a brand new tank, want to create a tank from scratch or add to your already amazing tank. We are here to help!


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Our Team

Sandz Aquatics is Family Owned, Family Run

Per Anderton


With multiple years in the industry, Per is an accomplished breeder whos main priority is your success in the fish hobby.

Will Sigler

Shop Manager

Will has been keeping tanks personally for many years. He specializes in large central American cichlids and Africans.

Amber Havener

Graphic Design, Web Admin

Amber is highly accomplished in the graphic design field but also fish. She keeps and breeds Axolotls as well as Discus, Angels and more.

Harlan Baskin

Shop Intern

Harlan is a large advocate for the smallest of the aquarium species. Keeping over 10 personal tanks, he is growing in the hobby through his experiences with Sandz Aquatics.

Are you a student? We accept applications for internship:

Internships are an unpaid sponsorship to get experience in the field before you begin your career

Why Choose Sandz?

Quality Products

Sandz Aquatics quarantines live animals for a week before release to the public. Also, they are pulling all fish from a farm in Florida or direct from an importer to avoid the amounts of climate changes for the animals.

Direct Customer Service

We have all been that person who is ignored when we have a question burning on our brains. Feel free to reach out to us for advice or questions on anything we offer.

Experience in the Industry

With over 10 years of keeping aquatics animals personally, we have seen almost everything that commonly impacts our clients. We have taken multiple steps to avoid issues when your new fish arrive.

What Our Clients Say

I recently won an exotic cichlid from Per in a raffle in Texas Fish Keepers Facebook group. I was personally contacted by the owner to discuss shipping which was included- and to ensure there was any questions and or concerns. He answered all my questions within 5 minutes. He gave me a lot of knowledge. His shipping was superb. Excellently packed, fish were bright and alive when arrived. He checked in with me later on day of arrival to check in on quality and to ensure we are happy.

Per is a professional, intelligent, and a great friend of the fish!
Local or anywhere in the USA get your fish from Sandz!

Russell Graham
Really nice looking fish. Friendly and amazing customer service. They were upgrading to an automatic water change system when I went in. I'm looking forward to seeing this place fully put together.
Alex Potter
I just picked up a handful of plants. Best looking plants I found in town so far. All the fish and other critters at Sandz look very healty and happy. Definately a place to go if you haven't already!
David Griggs

Please feel free to contact us regarding specific requests

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